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Active Period query

548617Nov 22 2010 — edited Nov 26 2010
Hi All,

I need a little help in figuring out this logic. There is table called status with 3 columns id,status,status_date and here is the sample data

100 A 01-Jan-2010
100 A 02-Jan-2010
100 I 03-Jan-2010
100 I 01-Feb-2010
100 A 01-Apr-2010
100 A 02-Apr-2010
100 A 03-Apr-2010
100 I 01-May-2010
100 A 01-jun-2100
100 I 01-Sep-2010

An active period is defined as the period between first status of A and first status of I.

so the output for active periods of A should be
01-Jan-2010 to 03-Jan-2010
01-Apr-2010 to 01-May-2010
01-Jun-2010 to 01-Sep-2010

The logic I wrote using lead analytical function is failing because i am looking at current status of 'A' and next status of 'I' and the output I get is
02-Jan-2010 to 03-Jan-2010
03-Apr-2010 to 01-May-2010
01-Jun-2010 to 01-Sep-2010

Any help is figuring out the logic is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards
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