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accessing v$logstdby_progress of cdb from within the pdb

2841314Sep 22 2020

We recently converted our database to 19c from 12c and thus it became a multitenant.

We can no longer look at v$logstdby_progress in the pdb, because its always empty.

We found out that the v$Logstdby_progress rows are in the CDB.

Another DBA dIvision wont let us get into the cdb, only the pdb.

We are DBAs that can access the pdb (but we dont have dba privilege in pdb).

Anyways, we need to be able to access the contents of the v$logstdby_progress table

from within the pdb.

Been struggling with this for almost a month now.

ANy help greatly appreciated.


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Added on Sep 22 2020