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Accessing files copied by UTL_FILE.FCOPY

662454Sep 29 2008 — edited Oct 3 2008
Hi folks,

I ran into a strange (at least to me) problem. I have
implemented a small document management system into an existing
Oracle10g database application on a W2K server machine.
DMS requires copying files from one
folder to another. Physical files (originals as well as copies) are
located on a mapped resource. The mapped drive refers to a local drive, thus filepath is identical on server and client machines that refer to this resource, too.
This drive is mapped by group policy startup script so
SYSTEM user which oracle service is running on "sees" that resource.
Thus, copying files with utl_file.fcopy is no problem.
But I cannot access any copied file with it's application. An MSExcel
file won't open at all. Error message says, network drive wasn't
available or file was write protected. A pdf files is opened by Adobe
Reader but showing empty pages (in correct number, by the way).
Network drive is available and, as far as I can see, there is no lock
on any file. Original files open without problems.

Do you have any idea?

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Added on Sep 29 2008