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Accessing a secure web service from ADF Mobile Application

3157571Mar 14 2014 — edited Mar 17 2014


We are trying to create an ADF Mobile application that uses a secure web service that is in the Oracle EBS (with SOA Suite).

We are using JDeveloper 11g

Initially we created a Web Service Data Control(SOAP/REST) from the gallery and provided the WSDL. We tried running it on a simulator but was not getting anything. We couldn't also find a way to provide the username and password. So we left it there.

Then we tried creating a Java Desktop Application to check if it was a problem with our server. In the desktop application, we created a 'Web Service Client and Proxy' from the new gallery and then followed the steps and used oracle/wss_username_token_client_policy, added the code below for putting username and password and was able to call the service and retrieve data.



Then we thought of going back to the ADF Mobile application and creating a 'Web Service Client and Proxy' there but when we built the project, we got the "annotations are not supported in -source 1.4 " & "generics are not supported in -source 1.4 " errors and found that ADF Mobile doesn't support beyond Java 1.4.(Is that right?)

We then found the video "Accessing Secured Web Services from ADF Mobile" by Shay ( and saw that he was using a Login server.

We wanted to confirm if using a Login server is the right way to access a secure web service from an Oracle ADF Mobile application?

Are there other ways to do it?

If we have to create a Login server, can you provide links that will put us on the right track in creating a Login server that can connect to EBS?

Thank you.

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