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access to views managed by Management pack

sahar israelMar 25 2024


We have a product that collect data from OEM database like performence metric and informetion about databases, asm, RAC and more..

one of our customer raising a questions about Views that managed by Management Packs. My question to you is this:

We access to several views when we are collecting data. Some views is not basic and come only when enabling some Management Packs.

For example, SYSMAN.MGMT$DB_SGA and SYSMAN.MGMT$DB_INIT_PARAMS views, both of them come by enabling Database Lifecycle Management Pack for Oracle Database.

Is this right to say that behind the scene these views always existed and accessible even if the management pack is not enabled?

If costumer didn’t enable the pack but he runs our ETL to collect data. Our etl will try to access those views and collects the data he need.

The etl will managed to collect data even if the pack disabled?

This action will make the costumer pay extra?

Hope my question was clear.

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Added on Mar 25 2024
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