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Access to SSO from business tier

294924Mar 9 2004
Dear members,

For my current project I need to look at ways to use SSO in our Oracle9iAS implementation. I did a bit of research and could only find information involving the web tier. I am only interested in using SSO only partially (authentication is done via another SSO hosted on another application server).

Our global architecture is a bit unusual as we only use the Application Server bit of Oracle9iAS (no web tier), dealing with incoming requests from a .NET webserver via SOAP.

What I want to do is generate a token and track a security session (different from the application session we also manage), send back to token to the .NET client, which will land it on the user's browser (cookie). Subsequent calls from the same client will send the cookie back to our application server and we'll check the status of the security session.

Could you please give me some advice/tips or pointers to on-line documents/sites/references showing how to practically implement this (sample code welcome). I'm struggling to find any example not involving a web tier (because practically, we want to use SSO directly from our business components).

Many thanks for your help,

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Added on Mar 9 2004