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Access Issue Smart View

681878Jan 27 2009
Hi all,

Few user in our company are having hard time opening Data forms in Smart View. When they try to open the forms they get an following Error:

The data Form XXXX Is invalid.Check Log for details. (where XXXX is the name of form).

I have tried following steps to fix the problem but was unable to do it:

Created a Native ID and assigned it similar access as these Users had and was able to open the forms successfully via Smart View using this ID.

The important thing is these users are from differnt groups and have access to different applications but the access to all the group is same.

There are other User in the same groups who are able to open the forms successfully and have same access as the users that are facing the issue.

I also tried to pull these users out of the group and provision them with the access they were having from group but after setting this up they had same error while opening the form.

There is no problem with the istallation of Smart View on their local machine as they are able to login via Native User login i created.

It would be great help if anybody could suggest a way to Fix this issue.

Thanks In advance!!