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Acces denied to the new APEX web dba interface

VyachesavJul 10 2014 — edited Jul 10 2014

I've installed Oracle APEX 11g, but haven't access to it in brouser : Gyazo - 367801ee800e322ab60e510c2fd82f7c.png
In command line I've executed the file apxchpwd.sql and changed admin's pass: Gyazo - 42574c38f5fd477a01b0e0d3b771f504.png
but it boots not.
Please suggest what can I do in this case?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Previously I've already had APEX 11g. It worked fine. In that time I've created additional user "USER1" and worked with "USER1"- schema in
SQLdeveloper. But later I've deinstal APEX and SQLdeveloper.
Now, in my new SQLdeveloper the schema "USER1" is appeared again, but I didn't create it...

Regards Vyacheslav.

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