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Absences Delegation & Data access

Cecilia-OracleJul 2 2020

I have tested to delegate the absence approval to a users, and seems that delegated approver (proxy approver) can only able to access the approval request while they cannot access the other absence records of those delegated direct report. Would it be possible to let the proxy approver to view the delegated direct reports' absence records during the delegated period?

For example, Line manager A has delegated the absence approval right to Line manager B from 1-10 Jul 2020, during the time, staff 001 who is reported to Line manager A has submitted an absence request, Line manager B has receive the absence request, while he would also like to check if there are any other absence records from staff 001 before performing the approval.

Is it possible to grant the access to proxy approver?

Thank you.

Best regards,


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Added on Jul 2 2020