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Absence Entry Validation Fast Formula Notice Period

A.FerraroOct 11 2022 — edited Oct 11 2022

Hi Community,

I'm having some trouble in creating a condition for a FF.
We need a 5 day notice period prior to the absence start date.
e.g. I want to subit an absence today for tomorrow->not possible
I submit an absence today(11/10/22) for the 16/10/22->possible

I tried using this:
( l_start_date BETWEEN l_sysdate AND l_sysdate +5)
TO_DATE(l_start_date,'YYYYMMDD') > l_sysdate AND TO_DATE(l_start_date,'YYYYMMDD') <= (l_sysdate+5)
Or This:
DAYS_BETWEEN (l_sysdate, l_start_date) <= 5

But when compiling I have a data type inconsistency between l_start_date and l_sys_date.
These are defined as follows:
l_start_date = TO_DATE(TO_CHAR(iv_start_date,'YYYY')||'-01-01','YYYY-MM-DD')
Can anyone help with the data formatting?
Thank you very much,

This post has been answered by User_WHE1Q on Nov 2 2022
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Added on Oct 11 2022
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