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About JVM

Eslam_ElbyalyMay 20 2015 — edited May 22 2015

hi ,

i have been searching for " What is JVM " , and it is still not clear enough to me .

- i know that other virtual machines like " VMWARE " is like a virtual computer on which i install an operating system , and takes a part from my physical hardware ( cpu , ram , .... etc)  then i can deal with it like any physical computer .

but the JVM , i do not know if it is a computer with operating system or without ? and if it does not have an OS , then how does it run programs ?

and what is it's job if i do not deal with it directly like VMWARE ?

P.S , i have been searching the web for long time , and i hope someone here clear the issue for me .

thanks a lot

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Added on May 20 2015