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A MLE v1 beta testing guideline

Gerald Venzl-OracleOct 30 2017 — edited Dec 24 2017

Thank you for taking the time to beta test the Oracle Database Multilingual Engine!

In this first beta test we offer the capability to write JavaScript stored functions which can be called from SQL queries. We would like testers to focus at this stage on the integration between writing JS functions and execute them in SQL statements as well as the capabilities of loading third party packages from npm and using those directly within your SQL. Some of the questions, but not exclusively, we want users to take a look at, are:

  • Is it easy to write JS functions and use them in SELECT, WHERE clauses, sub selects, INSERTs, etc.
  • Is it easy to write JS functions with more sophisticated parameters (more than one, different data types, etc)
  • Is it easy to write SQL within JS functions to get and put data from and into the database
  • Is it convenient to load npm packages, also when they require other npm packages
  • How easy is it to load multiple npm packages in your JS function
  • Do you think you would be allowed loading third party open source packages into a production database in the first place?
  • Do you like the way how you have to declare your functions today, what can be done better, etc.

Please note that taking a close look at the performance comparison between PL/SQL and MLE is premature in this first beta. A lot of integration points for MLE haven't been provided yet in this beta version and hence give it in some cases a clear performance benefit and in others a clear downside. Although MLE can offer a lot of benefits going forward this beta version is yet to soon to draw conclusions on performance numbers.

We really appreciate all the testing efforts and what has been done already and certainly those are already very good insights!

Thanks everybody,


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Added on Oct 30 2017