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A link doesn't set new page items value

FrancescoDec 9 2015 — edited Dec 9 2015

I am working in Application Express In My Page 223 I have a "SQL Query" Region: select * from ( SELECT ...       ...       ...       ...             ''  link_obstr_attgov,       ...       ... FROM ... ... .. When I run the page, the "link_obstr_attgov" link seems to work, for example a row generates this link: http:// let's say  /html/f?p=207:225:440911817290726:::::P223_ROWID_PIANO_EDIT,P225_P_UFFICIO,P225_P_DATA_DAL,P225_P_DATA_AL,P225_p_versione:AABHjqAAHAACAO0AAD,10AA,01/01/2015,31/12/2017,1 My problem is that when appears Page 225, the items P225_P_UFFICIO,P225_P_DATA_DAL,P225_P_DATA_AL,P225_p_versione have not any value. Any help?

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