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A couple of Workspace Studio questions

649572Oct 10 2008 — edited Oct 11 2008
Hi All... I'm trying to put together a demo of our application being hosted inside of a WebLogic portal as a URL portlet. Two questions...

1) How can I adjust the height of the portlet to use up all of the available real estate on the browser? When I maximize the portlet, it pushes the other portlets out of the way, but the height of it remains to be only a couple of inches. I'd like it to take up as much of the screen as possible.

2) I'd also like to include a banner jpg in the header, but can't seem to figure out how to put anything in the header.

I'm using BEA Workspace Studio version 1.1.

Sorry, I'm a noobie, but I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks. -- Curt
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