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[9.2.0] Disable oj-gantt tooltip on drag

Philip SommerJan 11 2021

Hi all,

When dnd is enabled on the oj-gantt, the tooltip is still rendered during the drag action which makes ist visually hard to see the drop target. I currently have my tooltip defined as a template.
How can I disable the tooltip when the drag action starts and enable it after the drop action finishes? Or, if that is impossible, hide the tooltip programmatically?

I have tried an oj-bind-if, but that evaluates (and binds) only once. Hiding the template with html-styling also seems to have no effect. If I hide the templates' content, I still get an (albeit small, empty) tooltip box.

Kind Regards,

This post has been answered by Wilson Louie-Oracle on Jan 12 2021
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Added on Jan 11 2021