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4/10 Outage Notification

Stacy AdkinsApr 15 2024 — edited Apr 15 2024

Good morning!

I am looking for assistance understanding where to look for official outage communication from Oracle/Oracle Health.

We understand that there was an OCI outage on 4/10 which had impacts to the FHIR APIs. The below quote was received in an SR response from SolutionWorks Support.

The morning of the 10th in particular there was an outage event impacting several cloud services resulting in a high number of FHIR API calls failing with "502 Bad Gateway" or "504 Gate Timeout".

Where can third party vendors go to view official communication about outages such as these? Could there be an announcement posted in the forum about it so vendors can be proactive about any internal or customer communication that should take place? (I looked and did not see an announcement in here - if I missed it, would love it someone could point me to it!)

Thank you!
- Stacy

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Added on Apr 15 2024