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23c documentation bug in merge statement using the values_clause as source

Philipp SalvisbergJan 14 2024 — edited Jan 14 2024

The railroad diagram in the current version of the 23c documentation looks like this (see :

According to this diagram, the following statement should work:

merge into dept t
         (-10, 'utPLSQL', 'Winterthur')
      ) as s (deptno, dname, loc)
   on (t.deptno = s.deptno) 
 when matched then
    update set t.dname = s.dname
 when not matched then
    insert (t.deptno, t.dname, t.loc)
    values (s.deptno, s.dname, s.loc);

but it throws an ORA-38107: Invalid syntax with MERGE without USING clause.

The statement works when adding the using keyword before the values_clause.

Furthermore, ON ( condition ) is required when using a table, view or a subquery as source. In other words the upper branch is also wrongly documented.

Please fix the documentation accordingly. Thank you.

This post has been answered by Chris Saxon-Oracle on Jan 15 2024
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Added on Jan 14 2024
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