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2 million rows with XML type data

user8604530Jul 12 2010 — edited Jul 13 2010

I'm new to Oracle text or will not be wrong, if said; first time to this feature, need some guidance, assistance and help.

I've a table having 2 million rows, with 2 columns, 1st is ID column & 2nd is a XML snippet, with different combination of text;

DOB Name ZipCode Address State City
City ZipCode LastName Age
LastName ZipCode State Address

or any other combination, as the data is coming from different sources.

Now the question is; can we do a Google style of search?
using Oracle Text (old name interMedia) with different combination;

e.g., name is John - we've got 50 thousand rows
then, we said lives in New Jersey - now it reduced to 5000 rows
then, we mentioned certain zip code or even city - this reduced the output rows to 10

some thing like this ... is this doable, if yes, can any one provide some working example or some good link, which tells/show, how to better implement this system, in a pretty huge database.

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