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18.1 - Use list (Drive)

user2037448Sep 1 2020 — edited Sep 1 2020

I have an SL500 with 2 LTO4, 4 LTO5, and 2 LTO6 Drives installed.

Occasionally the LTO6 drive likes to use all my LTO5 cartridges first.    I would like to use a "use list" to limit access to the cartridge slots in SL500.

Using the web GUI if I go into tape 1 (LTO4) and put 221-225 in the tape list it goes in fine, when I try to enter 221-225 into tape 2 (LTO4) accepts the input but it doesn't stick.  

I went to the CLI and I got the following error

ob> chdev -u 221-225 xxx_tape_2

Error: setting uselist - specified use list would strand current tape

Does this mean I cannot use the same cartridge slots for two drives?

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Added on Sep 1 2020
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