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13.5 Installation with small template applied problem

B HallOct 27 2022 — edited Oct 27 2022

I'm trying to install 13.5 on Oracle Linux Server release 7.9 with the small template applied to a 19.17 single instance database. Everything is in order up to the point where I tried to run the recommended EM Prerequisite kit, for which the documentation states:
If you plan to use a database instance that was created with a preconfigured Management Repository using the database templates offered by Oracle, then make sure you pass the following parameter while invoking the EM Prerequisite Kit.
-componentVariables repository:EXECUTE_CHECKS_NOSEED_DB_FOUND:false
I've done so with:
./em13500_linux64.bin EMPREREQ_KIT=true -componentVariables repository:EXECUTE_CHECKS_NOSEED_DB_FOUND:false
This returns:
Invalid option(s): componentVariables
ERROR: Installer execution failed (1).

What should I actually use to make this work - or should I just skip this altogether?
Thanks, Bryan

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Added on Oct 27 2022