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Your session has ended---Zombie pages on mobile devices

seanzh2 days ago — edited 2 days ago

Hi, Everyone,

I am developing a scanning app with Oracle DB 19c and Apex 23.2 with PWA, which is great and really low-code, a lot of thanks to Oracle.

I do have an unsolvable problem with my Apex app, “your session has ended”, pls see screenshot taken from my IPhone for one of the pages, I read a lot on this topic from this forum and did the following:

  1. set both session timeout and session idle timeout URL:" r/ws1/scan/login?REQUEST=TIMEOUT", I got this idea from one of blogs and the link works fine during short-timeout simulation in PC,
  2. after usage, most users leave the app at the page they last used, say page 28 of an IG with a model dialog . Next day when they use the app again, the app is still at exactly where they left , page 28 with some data from the previous day, nothing changed or moved at all, no login screen . Of course it doesn't work, nor does it give any errors or back to the login screen easily, if they tap the dialog, it gives “session has ended” error. A new Login window pops up only if they hit some links in the page,
  3. some users indeed login out after the usage, when they come back next day, the screen seems a normal login page but it will give “the session has ended” error if they try login by username/password. Nothing I can do with this kind of timedout login screen except swiping it away and relaunch the login page

I believe the Apex app sleeps when it enters background mode, a normal IOS app lifecycle . it doesn't wake up or react accordingly when it enters IOS active mode, another app lifecycle. I have tried many methods to avoid such dead screens , so far nothing works. it's very easy to simulate such behavoir---start a sample app, play a little then hit IPhone “Home” button, the app will sleep immediately and you try to use it again next day.

Any suggestions and advices on combating such dead sessions are greatly appreciated!


This post has been answered by Christian Rokitta-Oracle on Jun 12 2024
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