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"1 error has occurred" - "Error: Not found" without any error stack and additional information. Is i

Denis SavenkoAug 30 2017 — edited Sep 4 2017

I have a page in my application with three different IRs. The first and the third have text columns based on LOV.

Each IR has an "Edit" link column. When a user clicks on this link, a modal window with a form appears to edit the row. Then user can click either Save or Delete button. The Save button fires the update PL/SQL function, and the Delete button fires the delete PL/SQL function (which actually sets delete_date property of a row). Then whichever button is clicked, the Close Dialog process is invoked.

So, two first regions works pretty fine with this. But with the third region I face really weird exception. When I first click on a button (doesn't matter if it's Save or Delete button), I get "Not found" exception, when I click it the second time, the function is invoked and work is done. So one out of two times I see the exception. There's no additional information about the exception, no stack trace, no code, just "Not found" in the inline notification window (shown on the screenshot below).


Any thoughts? Maybe I'm missing anything? Seems like it's an APEX bug.

UPDATE: The modal window which experiences the trouble has a Popup LOV component item on it. The two others do not.

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